How do we make a portable washing machine

How many of you are unable to get a washing machine at your home? There are plenty of people who move from one place to another frequently due to professional commitments. Some people are unable to get that comfort level because of the very reason. It isn’t an easy job to clean your clothes because many people have never washed their clothes using hands.

When you don’t have clean clothes to wear, you will be forced to use the laundry near you, or you have to wash it yourself. If you are moving from one place to another, then it is a problem, which you have to face every day. Instead make a mini or portable cleaner, which you can carry every day. We will show few ways you can create a DIY portable washer, and it may be effective as a washing machine or even hand wash, but it does the trick.

Portable Washing Machine

How Do We Make a Portable Washing Machine

Most of the people having a question that how to make portable washing machine? So Here the Step by step guide about best portable washing machine making.

  • Purchase A 10 to 20 Litre gallon bucket, which has a cap on the top. Make sure that it has a small round cap on the top. Remember, buy or get the gallon which you can carry every day and make sure that you are buying only a gallon, which is carryable.
  • Now it’s time to but a soft-ends toilet plunger brush
  • If the hole is not big enough to fit then, you can cut it through to make enough space for the bathroom plunger brush. ensure that toilet plunger brush is moving comfortably.
  • Once you fit it, you might get uncomfortable using it in public, so why don’t you make it for the people. Just decorate it with paints or anything which can make it look better in front of the people.
  • Now it’s time to get that best portable washing machine to work. Now add some water, clothes and sufficient washing machine power like Ariel to it. Now insert the Plunger, when you do that make sure to hold the Plunger properly to check if it can rotate inside.
  • Since there is no Motor is involved in the process, your hand will be doing the work of a Motor, and I know that the process will be tiring and it might give you pain for some time but it worth it.
  • Next up is, it’s time to spin the inside with the plunger, just like a washing machine. For about five minutes. Once you grasp the technique, it will become easy and not be tiring as the first time.
  • Your patience level will be tested at a higher rate, but when you test it after five minutes, you either find your clothes clean or you need to repeat it again. Once it is done, you can wash it once with your hands and then you can dry it.

Portable Washing Machine2


Remember, the water does not only support the clothes needs, but the detergent should also make for  Washing Machine. Remember, the process is difficult when you are trying it for the first time, but once you grasp the technique it will become a piece of cake for you. Let us know what you think and make sure to suggest if you have a better idea.